Many students do not hesitate to go to live abroad in order to carry on their study in France, country of academic excellence worldwide in many areas. Nevertheless it is important to know the compulsory steps to study in France. In the following paragraphs you will find a short and concise summary of all you need to know.

• Procedures

European students do not need to follow specific administrative procedures except contacting the desired school/university.
On the other hand for citizens based outside of the European Union the student has to go through several steps :

– Ask for a student visa at the French embassy in the home country,
– Follow academic administrative procedures including those regarding social security,
– Take a French language testing such as the TCF DAP of CIEP,
– Take a hypothetical competitive exam if you apply in a higher education institution.

Some clarification about :

• Visa application

The French consulate gives the visa only under certain conditions :
– Pre-application or application for the following academic year in a French higher education institution,
– Justification of student sufficient resources (parental, scholarships, study allowances or else).
The student can also get a scholarship through the intermediary of French government or international organisms such as UNESCO, the UN or again WHO if he follows postgraduate studies, (PhD level).

Social security

It is mandatory for all students, French or foreign, to be affiliated to the system of French social security. Many foreign students can benefit from the student system of social security. For others they have to go through a private insurance if they want to be better reimbursed.

Several conditions indicate the different administrative procedures to follow :
1 A student native of the European Economic Area (EEA) being affiliated to the health insurance system of his homeland (insuring against potential medical expenses abroad) is therefore exempted of French social security subscription.

2If the student is not a native of the EEA or Swiss is enrolled in an institution approved by the social security and he is at least 28 years old at the 1st October of the current academic year he is necessarily registered on the student system of social security. It is important to notice that you need a student health insurance if you want to raise the amount of the reimbursement of medical fees.
3 If the student does not fulfill any conditions mentioned above he has to go through a private student insurance if he wants to be better reimbursed.

Once all these administrative procedures are accomplished and the validation is completed by the academic organism, the foreign student must establish a housing insurance if he rents his accommodation.

JBU Assurances offers to help in reducing your long and tedious administrative procedures by doing the administrative procedures of health and housing insurance with you before your departure. Thus once arrived in France you will only have to lay down your hat and contact us. We will provide you with the compulsory official document to guarantee the success of your stay (especially the civil liability mandatory for all students!!!).

NB : The Campus France website gives useful information (equivalence of diplomas, typology of studies, of pathways, distinctive features of universities and private schools…) to those who want carry on their studies in France. It is the same thing on the French governmental website. You can get more information :

JBU offers civil liability for free during the 7 first days on the French land !

*civil liability insures damages that you can provoke accidently to someone else even outside your house

If you want to have more information, feel free to email us at :

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